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So it is pretty unrealistic to hope we will be holding normal meetings this Autumn, with maybe thirty folk in one room. So far, approaching December, we are actually doing very well. No excuses for staying home on a cold wet night when telephone chat lines free trial meeting is just a few clicks away.

Paul sends these shots of the A less a hole in the road than a road in a hole. The washout was caused by the recent heavy rain. I felt a bit disappointed, the same night, that the lightning display we had was all sheet lightning, above fog, so I failed to get a single dramatic shot of meteorological pyrotechnics. I did get a dim shot of the roof by lightning light.

Even dimmer was hanging an all metal camera out of an upstairs window in a free sx chat.

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Wild beast of free party chat line day, a Ladybird with square spots. About 5mm long. Grace sends the pic above. Maybe beach putting? Hang-glider golf? The logpile above was spotted by Paul during a trip to Pitlochry, a tourist hotspot so crowded and busy that he was fairly shaken by the surging mass of mankind.

We country mice are slowly emerging from isolation…. I have recently noticed evidence of the fungal disease Ash Dieback in ash trees around Athelstaneford and Gilmerton. It looks like our ash trees may all be gone soon, so chating sexy girls could be our last chance to photograph them.

Grace sends a shot of another invasive species- the Rosemary Beetle Chrysolina americanawhich the Chat peoples site says arrived in Britain in the s and is spreading through the UK. It eats aromatic plants like rosemary, lavender, thyme. Nice stripes though. Like pyjamas, or a technicolor Carluke Ball.

Paul has been diving. Great minds think alike. The bottom pic is the same clouds sans cometlooking over the Bridgeport ct chat. Synchronised shooting. July 13th The comet F3 Neowise is currently china chats naked eye visible just objectslightly west of north, after sunset and before sunrise.

These were taken from the Garleton hillslooking over Aberlady before and after sex chat room in 76528. Paul has been out in the gardenbug hunting. Above are two of his latest shots. Another three tomorrow when I get some stuff sorted. Happy Birthday America!

The Glebe field in Athelstaneford is a communal garden experiment. This bit is the wildflower meadow and potato patch. The aim was to see how this displays large dirty chat girls. We have a rather unusual female blackbird in the garden.

Completely unafraid of people. She comes to the door looking for mealworm handouts. She coatzacoalcos chat swingers today with a single chick, also female, then had a spectacular fight with her mate.

You know how it is with young children: No sleep. Tempers get short. They both looked knackered. First time she chatroulette chatroom stood still long enough for a photo.

I wonder how common they are? We have sparrow, dunnock, blackbird and as above starling youngsters zooming about. You need to wear a hard hat.

I hope they take turns. Fiddling with the functions. Tony Hole sends this shot of a free spiritdoing the thing in the water Aberlady iso 420 throw the hounds off the scent. Not that there are any hounds, of course. Just photographers! I wonder what they do in there? A busy air traffic day in our garden. First a sparrowhawk chased a young dove free booty call chat the rear window, then a woodpecker ed us for tea.

Elaine has been working throughout the lockdown period- and keeping busy at home during her time off, as the shots above demonstrate. Hard to identify, harder to photograph- looking for a wf to talk to the wind got up on Friday, a light breeze was blowing seed around like snow in Gilmerton wood. It looked like willow to me, but I failed my tree identification badge in the Wolf Cubs. Mercury on the left and Venus over Kilduff Hill. Went a short walk yesterday and spotted a yellowhammer having a sand bath in the road.

Here he is on the hedgegiving us a hard stare.

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Lots of wildlife about our garden just now. Macro, or at least extremely close up images, created using an iphone with a clip-on magnifier lens. Subject sharpness, background blur, bokeh, colour. And it makes phone calls. I bet you corona chat room only girl get damp knees doing post-rain flower shots though.

The golf course, Marl Loch and footbridge are visible, as are several of the ships currently idle in the Forth. A very unfamiliar view of familiar territory. Maybe we can go out to play then. The approved NASA way to shoot a full moon is to take shots throughout the lunar month ideally from the ISS sex live chat xxx get every gradation of phase, then splice them together, using a very powerful computer, to yield a composite.

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That way you optimise Aberlady iso 420 shadows and contrast. Or you can do it at redhead chat, with a Nikon Coolpix P, making the most of that superzoom lenswhich is roleplaying chat rooms Grace did. When not shooting the Moon, among other things, Grace bakes scones. Cheese scones. Rather tasty cheese scones. What kind of person sends you a photo of a chat online depression scone, but no actual scone?

The future of photography is computing. It is a tight crop from a hand-held, 50 Megapixel shot. The interesting part is that the camera only has a 20MP sensor. It gets the extra detail by taking 16 shots simultaneously or very quicklythen blending them into a single image, in camera.

It will also eat batteries like a chain saw and thermal noise could be the limiting factor, but hey. What will they do next? Grace has been exploring the photo apps on her phone.